We listen to understand your needs and recommend the best way to use research to answer your questions. Perspicacity Labs works with you to ensure we understand your business and audience requirements. Working with you to recommend research services that fit your needs, timeframe and budgets.

Research Services:

UX (User Experience)/PX (Product Experience) Research Services:

Card Sorts                        Baseline Testing User Diaries               Field Studies

Usability Testing          Rapid Iterative Testing              Surveys               Focus Groups/IDIs

Prototype Testing        Heuristics Reviews               Design Reviews Journey Mapping/Personas

Design Thinking Design Research

 CX( Customer Experience) Research Services:

NPS Surveys/Loyalty       Customer Interviews           Journey Mapping    Stakeholder Interviews  

 CSAT Surveys                      Focus Groups/IDIs              Competitive Analysis   Customer Health Score

 Transactional Studies     Experience Audits              Customer LTV analysis

 EX( Employee Experience) Research Services:

Journey Mapping            Focus Groups/IDIs              Stakeholder Interviews  

 Engagement Surveys      Experience Audits

 Experience Surveys         Engagement Audits

Human-Centered Design Strategy and Facilitation:

HCD Workshops HCD Training


Project Deliverables:

  • Draft a research proposal

  • Kickoff project and manage the research timeline

  • Create a recruiting screener

  • Recruit test participants (or oversee recruiting vendor, as needed)

  • Create a test plan

  • Moderate the research study (and provide research facility, as needed)

    • Set up/ Program run unmoderated Studies

  • Analyze feedback and insights

  • Create a detailed report (in PowerPoint or Word format) which includes:

  • Summary of key findings

  • Detailed list of Findings

  • Qualitative or Quantitative responses

  • Strategic and tactical recommendations

  • Appendix containing participant profiles and other study-related information

  • Deliver presentation of final report