Per.spi.cac.i.ty: (noun) the quality of having ready insight into things.


Perspicacity Labs is a research company that specializes marketing and social science research using qualitative and quantitative methodologies. We can help you understand your present and future consumers.

Whether you are a for-profit or non-profit organization, it is important to understand the people that you serve. Understanding and connecting to your customers - whether they be past, present or future consumers - is important for continued success. Perspicacity Labs is your vehicle for deeper consumer understanding.

Using a variety of techniques and methods, Perspicacity Labs can help you uncover the insights that empower you to develop a deep understanding and actionable insights. We use clear concise communication to deliver key insights from the research  and translate what the insights are really saying. We help you uncover the what, the so what and the now what to help you make sound strategic moves.

Perspicacity Labs is led by Asha Parham, a moderator and researcher with a passion for connecting with audiences. Leverage her perspicacious nature for your benefit.